“Khorshideh Siah”
The First and Only Pro-Environment Rock Band in Iran

Khorshideh Siah (which literally means “Black Sun” in Persian) was founded in the fall of 2011 in the polluted air of Tehran and was recognized as the “First and only pro-environment band in Iran” and introduced a unique and recognizable style of music which revolved around issues such as environmental crises, violence against animals and subsequently, social issues.

The Founding Members of Khorshideh Siah

-    Taher Ali Ramezani: Bass Guitar, Band Leader
-    Jahangir Raha: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
-    Arash Eslami: Electric Guitar
-    Salaheddin Kord: Drums


“The Baluchistan Black Bear”, The First Single Released by Khorshideh Siah
Jahangir Raha, the singer and songwriter of the band saw a picture of the Baluchistan Black Bear, released by the Rangers Society, and was moved by the image of this endangered species and wrote the song.





The band released a few other singles online until March of 2012.
Including: “Can’t Survive” (about the Homeless), “Anyway…” (for Environment Activities Victims), “The Lake” (for Lake Urmia), “The Polar Bear of Semirom” (about the slaughter of a mother bear and her cubs in the city of Semirom).
In March of 2012, the band performed live for the first time in Tehran which was considered as the first Pro- Environment Musical Event in Iran and was praised by the public and many pro-environment groups including “The Animals Right Watch”, “The Green Press”, “Iran S.P.C.A.”, and “The Rangers Society”.


Until the September of 2012, more songs were released online, including “7 Tir 66” (about the Chemical Attach on the city of Sardasht), and “The Arabian Haze” (about the dust and haze attacking the western and southern part of Iran from the Arabian Regions).
At the same time, the band acquired the publishing license and permits for the release of its first album, “The Baluchistan Black Bear” from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and negotiated with the “Ava Khorshid” Cultural and Arts Company to release the album.
In September of 2012, and in cooperation with the “Animals Right Watch”, the band performed live on the first annual “National Day for Stopping Violence against Animals” in the Ibn Sina Cultural Center which was praised again by the press and other pro-environment groups in Iran, and many news agencies and publishing institutes such as Hamshahri, Tabnak, Mehr, Animals Right Watch, and Green Press covered the event.



Until the September of 2013, the band released more songs online. Including “To Nowruz”, “The Polluted Continent”, “Darvak”, “Worried”, and “Mr. Next President!”.
“Mr. Next President!” was released before the Iranian Presidential Elections of 2013 and included requests from the next elected president regarding the environmental and social issues of Iran. The song was widely praised by the public and more prominently by the students in Iran to the extent that Mr. Mohsen Rezaei, one of the presidential candidates praised the song in one his campaign lectures.
In May of 2013, Salaheddin Kord, the drummer of the band immigrated to Australia and left the band.

“The Black Tear”
On September of 2013 and for the second time, the band performed live on the “National Day for Stopping Violence against Animals” in cooperated with the Animals Right Watch.


The performance was sold out and many fans were left with no seats and had to watch the performance standing.

The band performed “The Black Tear” for the first time. This song is the story of the Asiatic Cheetah, a seriously endangered species which lives in Iran. The song became the most known song in the band’s career and is considered as their signature song.
In the fall of 2013, Ali Farahmand joined the band as the drummer, and the band started recording their second album with him.

The Annual Ceremony of the Dana Insurance Institute (The only Pro-Environment Insurance Institute in Iran)
In January of 2014, the band was invited by the Dana insurance to perform on their annual ceremony in the Performance Hall of the Ministry of the Interior.


The Release of “The Baluchistan Black Bear” Album
The first album of Khorshideh Siah was released with the support of the Iranian Cheetah Society, the Animals Right Watch, the Rangers Society, and Mr. Saman Golriz, the celebrity Chef.



The band took part in the 13th International Exhibition of Enviro 2014 in Tehran, and showcased their first album “The Baluchistan Black Bear”, the first album in the history of Iran dedicated to environmental crises.

The album was received well by the fans, environment activists, and the authorities of the Department of Environment of Iran.

Khorshideh Siah, Celebrated at the Tour Leaders Ceremony
The band was invited by Mr. Arash Noor Aghaei, the Chairman of the Unions of the Tour Leaders, as a special guest to attend at the 7th Annual Gathering of the Tour Leaders held in the March of 2014 in the City of Kerman.  Ms. Felicitas Wressnig, President of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, was a special guest in the ceremony.

Performance in Pardisan (The Department of the Environment)
The band performed live in the March of 2014 at the Gathering held for the annual Arbor Day. The event was attended by many figures of the media, artists, athletes, and the authorities of the Department of Environment.

The band performed live in the “Ghand Farsi” festival, a gathering for the Persian speaking countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and…



Khorshideh Siah in the Gathering of NGOs with the President of the Department of Environment of Iran, Mrs. Ebteka

This gathering was held to discuss the Environmental crises of Iran and the culture related to it.

The Opening Ceremony for the National Iranian Football Team Supporters Club in Milad Tower
April of 2014, the band attended the ceremony and signed the Memorial Board along with other guests including the Governor of Tehran, The Deputy of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, TV and Cinema Actors, and also the members of the Friendship Societies of Iran and Brazil, Iran and Japan, and Iran and Lebanon.  



Khorshideh Siah, along with the global “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign in supported of the kidnapped Nigerian students
The band recorded and released a song and music video titled “Bring Back Our Girls” in support of the cause.



The band recorded and released a song and music video titled “Bring Back Our Girls” in support of the cause.



Khorshideh Siah Free Concert for the National Environment Day, at the International Gathering Center of the Department of Environment

On July of 2014, the band performed live in Tehran with the support of the Department of Environment and was praised by its fans.



Stop Killing Your Fellow Beings
In July of 2014 and in Support of the anti-war “Stop Killing Your Fellow Beings” campaign started by the Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi and Iranian Activist Nasrin Sutoudeh, the band recorded and released a song and music video with the same title.




Sept. 11, 2014 – National Day for Stopping Violence Against Animals

The band received the “White Rooster” award for their work in promoting Environmental Awareness, at the “First Conference on Animal rights” held at the National Gathering Hall of the Department of Environment of Iran.


Release of the live performance of “The Baluchistan Black Bear”, performed in Sept. of 2013 in Tehran.


Khorshideh Siah in the Media
The band has been covered in many national and international publishing and broadcasting agencies including the national newspapers of “Hamshahri”, “Shahrvand”, “Shargh”, “Tabnak”, “Etemad”, “Iran”, and also international broadcasters such as Voice of America and France 24 which covered and interviewed the band on many occasion.